Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Parents sought in CPS kidnap lost kids over drugs, police say

This is an update of "Parents kidnap 2 kids from Arizonia Child Protective Services" with additional information about why children were in custody of CPS.
ARIZONA DAILY STAR- Two children kidnapped from a state Child Protective Services office in South Tucson were in state custody because of chronic drug abuse by their parents, police say. The parents, Ignacio Reyna, 26, and Gabriela Pesqueira, 28, took the children on Thursday from the office during what should have been a supervised visit. Both parents have tested positive for marijuana and cocaine use, said Detective Jim Vildusea of the South Tucson Police Department. "They were removed (from their parents' custody) because they continued to use narcotic drugs," he said. In addition to a police search now under way for the family, CPS is mounting its own investigation into how Angel Jaco-bo, 6, and Nataly Reyna, 1, were abducted from the CPS office, in an office park at 2750 S. Fourth Ave. Last week, CPS spokeswoman Liz Barker said the agency violated its own policy by not maintaining constant supervision of the visit.

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