Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I wish I'd know about this sooner...

There's this stretch of Lincoln Ave. from 24th St to the 51 which has a posted speed of 35 with an average speed of 50+... funny thing is it goes right past a police station (unfortunately the enterance to the station is on 24th St. and very little patrolling is done on this stretch).
Web sites let drivers flag road ragers Ever been cut off by a Hummer while chugging along the interstate? Tailgated by a Honda while motoring to the mall? Thoroughly ticked off by a Toyota as you cruise to the beach? Now there's an alternative to steaming along on road rage. Law enforcement officers in Arizona and Washington state are asking the public to head to the Web and report reckless drivers online.
...In Arizona, a Phoenix police lieutenant has started his own Web site - unsafedriver.com and safedrivinginstitute.com - to allow people to lodge complaints about bad drivers. Lt. Mark Hafkey of the Phoenix Police Department launched the site in late June. When a people go to the site to make a report, they are asked for information including the license plate number of the vehicle and the date, time and location of the incident. Users can click on a drop-down menu of about 20 different violations.

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