Friday, May 06, 2005

Did anyone else notice that these cities are home to the states 3 Universities?

Arizona is home to three of the country's better cities in which to live and work, according to Forbes Magazine. [The Business Journal of Phoenix]

Worth a read...

Bet you didn't know the oldest continually inhabited community in the country was in Arizona! (It's not Hotevilla, but it's close to Hotevilla.)
In the small village of Hotevilla, which boasts some of the longest continuously inhabited structures in the United States, a new house has been built. Understanding culture, law key to construction on reservation [ | news]

This is very cool...

What if your car could communicate with the highway and alert you that there's a red light ahead? Or maybe turn the light green as you approach? [ | news]

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

12-hours... not nearly enough

You can barely scratch the surface... hell the participants probably didn't even get hungry during the program.
Fifty Arizona State University students took part in Camp Refugee, a 12-hour overnight program at ASU designed to bring attention to the realities of refugee life in countries like Cambodia, Somalia and Sudan. [ | news]

This is the kind of thing that should never happen...

It's bad for the Army, it's bad for the country, and most of all it's bad for the cause to which he gave his life!
The Army investigator who looked into the death of former Arizona Cardinal Pat Tillman found that he was killed by his fellow Rangers in an act of "gross negligence," but officials decided not to inform Tillman's family or the public until weeks after a nationally televised memorial service. * Pat Tillman special tribute page [ | news]