Tuesday, January 18, 2005

This post from Dave Berry had me LOL (laughing out loud for the unexperienced)

IF YOU ARE NOT A FAN OF THE TV SHOW "24," DO NOT READ THIS POST OK, you know Erin Driscoll, the extremely hardass woman who is Jack Bauer's boss and is always wrong but still is apparently in charge of the entire U.S. intelligence system? Does it get on your nerves that every time an alarming plot development occurs -- which of course is every three minutes -- she says something like, "OK, I need the names of everybody in California who has ever had a root canal," and immediately one of the random computer-tappers around her goes "I'm on it" and starts tapping away, and the information pops right up on the screen, and there's never any computer problem, and they never have to install Windows XP Service Pack 2? Well, it gets on our nerves.
It gets on my nerves too... and have you noticed that their cell phones never lose their connection? I would kill for cell service like that!

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