Monday, January 17, 2005

On Blogs... a look at what others are writing about

TigerHawk looks at the figurative degradation of Michael Jackson Check out this photographic history of Michael Jackson's face. The progression of Jackson's face from handsome to monstrous resulted from the intersection of great wealth, twisted narcissism, the end of shame, and the transforming power of aesthetic surgery. Harry's Place asks: Why does US back Israel? In the first comment Tom Grey gives as good an answer as I've ever heard. The Education Wonks bring up the subject of Students Using Internet To Cheat On School Assignments It seems as though the little rascals are using the 'net in order to avoid the work that being a scholar in this era of increased expectations and accountability entails. Some of the examples of cheating that were cited are: The Belgravia Dispatch is discussin Bush's War Leadership In this vein too, Bush must more effectively communicate to the world audience the nature of his global war on terror. Between a widely (though, it should be noted, not quite as widely as sometimes suggested) supported Afghanistan campaign and the so controversial war in Iraq--America's war on terror lost much support in the court of international opinion. Glenn Reynolds has a few words on Homeland Security I'VE BEEN CRITICAL OF HOMELAND SECURITY FOR SOME TIME: This report does nothing to increase my confidence: "In today's security-obsessed, post-9/11 era, one might think that it would be difficult to haul a convincing replica of an atomic bomb across the country. Not so, as John Coster-Mullen inadvertently proved in October 2004."

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