Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The murder investigation saga of Dr. Stidham continues: Fired officer withheld, leaked info, reports say

This murder investigation of Dr. Stidham just keeps getting more and more interesting.
Fired officer withheld, leaked info, reports say | The Arizona Daily Star ®: Tucson police Lt. Wendell Hunt leaked information about a witness in the investigation of Dr. Bradley Schwartz and withheld from investigators further details he knew about the slaying of Dr. David Brian Stidham, according to internal department reports. On Tuesday, police released nearly 400 pages detailing the two most recent internal investigations of Hunt, one regarding his involvement in the Schwartz investigation and one about Hunt's reported sexual harassment of a police dispatcher. The files about Hunt, who was terminated last month, were released to the Arizona Daily Star in response to a public-records request.
Also in the Star today...
Dispatcher accused Hunt of harassment | The Arizona Daily Star �: Fired police Lt. Wendell Hunt was investigated for sexual harassment and had a history of sexual misbehavior in the department, according to personnel reports released Tuesday. A police dispatcher who was dating another police officer filed an Internal Affairs complaint against Hunt, alleging he called her constantly to talk about sex and ask for dates, including a vacation to Las Vegas, the reports stated. He would also visit her at work and wait for her in the parking lot, she claimed, according to the reports. The woman said Hunt called her hundreds of times over a span of about 21 months, with 70 to 75 percent of the calls being sexual in nature.
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