Thursday, January 06, 2005

Update: Storms putting Valley to the test- How do you save a bridge?

I guess this makes sense, we don't use coffer dams in Arizona because unlike other places the river will stop flowing eventually.
County elevates push to keep bridge safe MESA - Construction workers scrambled Friday to build a levee to protect the Alma School Road bridge over the Salt River from further flood damage as new storms threaten this weekend. Nearly 75 percent of the levee was in place by midafternoon after days of erosion claimed the south approach to the bridge. Workers were to continue work this morning.
If ADOT could only figure out the Salt River (we seem to lose a bridge every ten years or so), we'd have mother nature whipped! As for that bridge, I wonder if they have thought of using a coffer dam in the affected area? I don't know if it's possible in such a strong current, but it's the first thing I thought of. Sink a cofferdam and backfill the eroded area.
Storms putting Valley to the test With two major storms behind us, flood-control experts are watching the Valley's system of protective dams and diversion ditches closely. So far, so good.

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