Thursday, January 06, 2005

Kidnap from CPS wasn't first

This is developing into something that requires more scrutiny.
Kidnap from CPS wasn't first | The Arizona Daily Star �: The kidnapping last week of two children who were in state custody in South Tucson is at least the second such incident statewide in the last six months, law enforcement officials say. Arizona's Child Protective Services had custody of a toddler girl in Kingman Aug. 10 when the child's mother and her boyfriend abducted the youngster, said Dan Palmer, who coordinates Amber Alert training for Arizona law enforcement. "CPS had taken the child to the doctor because the child had been molested," he said. Kingman Police Sgt. Rusty Cooper said the mother had been allowed to go along on the visit. "Somehow, some way, the mother was left unattended with the child," he said, adding she fled with the 2-year-old child to a car where her boyfriend was waiting.

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