Friday, January 07, 2005

Blog For Arizona brings up a good point

Michael at Blog For Arizona brings up a good point about this being overreaching espically regarding the issue of benifits and civil unions.
Anti-Gay Overreaching The Referendum which the Republican controlled legislature will place on the 2006 ballot will ban civil unions and domestic partner benefits as well as gay marriage. Perversely, this is good news. Public support for the previos two issues is strong and can be used as wedge issues with those who would vote to oppose gay marriage were it the sole issue addressed. There is a very good chance of defeating this Referendum if we focus on the populations other than gays who are also affected by its provisions, and the equity and justice issues raised by a bar on civil unions and domestic partner benefits. It was, I suppose, inevitable that we would have such an proposal here after gay marriage bans passed in 11 states. It is good news that the Right has become so over-confident that they handed us the bat with which to beat them back in 2006. posted by Michael @ 1/6/2005 11:55:20 PM

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