Monday, January 03, 2005

Victory sweetens sour year - a little

This is the best season since '01, but if there are two things we have learned since they arrived in '88 its that coaches of this team do better in their first year than their second and that they don't usually get a third (McGinnis was the first to have three since Stallings who was fired during his third year and second season in Phoenix. We'll see if Green can break that streak which started when the Cardinals arrived.
Victory sweetens sour year - a littleWinning has a way of inducing long-term memory loss, but unfortunately for the Cardinals, the condition is only temporary. Their 12-7 victory Sunday over Tampa Bay at Sun Devil Stadium made for a pleasant night of celebration. But by this morning, the reality of a 6-10 season will have the Cardinals reaching for some Advil and some answers.

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