Wednesday, January 05, 2005

‘Old Main’ listed on eBay

This is the best story of the day, a local Arizona High School listed on EBay.
The Winslow Mail Just about anything in the world can be found on the eBay Web site including vacant municipal buildings and schools. Trying to find buyers for such structures isn’t easy especially in rural towns. To generate interest outside of the city, the Winslow Unified School District has put the former Winslow High School, known affectionately as “Old Main,” on the online auction block. The building has a listing price of $150,000, however, Supt. Bob Mansell said that the school is listed “just to generate interest.” Unlike other items on eBay, there is no area to enter a bid for Old Main, just a place for interested buyers to enter their information so the district can contact them. Mansell said the school, built in 1929, is for sale because the district is paying utilities on a building that can not be used for students.

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