Saturday, January 08, 2005

The murder investigation saga of Dr. Stidham continues: 4 more county lawyers leaving

ARIZONA DAILY STAR- Four Pima County prosecutors have recently resigned or announced their resignations, but the county's chief criminal deputy said the losses haven't hindered the office's ability to prosecute criminals. The 66-attorney Criminal Division of the County Attorney's Office has lost seven prosecutors in the past two months. Six have resigned, and a seventh was fired. David Berkman, the chief criminal deputy, said the losses haven't hampered prosecutions. "We are trying to be more efficient and more effective," Berkman said, adding that those efforts have been successful. Letters of resignation from the four latest departures do not mention recent events at the County Attorney's Office, which include declaring a potential conflict of interest in a high-profile murder case and the subsequent firing of one prosecutor and suspension of three others. Related Articles from the Arizona Daily Star 3 prosecutors' hearings public Fired officer withheld, leaked info, reports say Dispatcher accused Hunt of harassment Pinal to prosecute Schwartz, Bigger Suspect in murder had been potential witness for county Stidham case leads city move to fire cop Hit-man tip came through cop Suspended aide at odds with LaWall

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