Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The lack of news on the news and other pet peeves

I've reached the breaking point! Yesterday during a single 30 minute news cast KPNX in Phoenix ran not one but two "reports" (I call them thinly disguised commercials) about new exercise programs. One involved a weighted hula-hoop the other involved exercising from a chair. Can't they think of any real news to report? It seems you can't watch a single news cast without having something marketed to you. (inspiration here) Has anyone else ever accidentally opened a huge list of bookmarks all at once? I opened all my bookmarks in tabs with firefox by accident this morning... I hope I never make that mistake again. Does anyone else live in an apartment with a clomping person upstairs? Sometimes I think I live under the cast of stomp (she has no clue how loud she is)! Is this starting to sound like something from Andy Rooney? I think I'll stop now.

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