Sunday, January 02, 2005

Cards get curtain; changes are certain

Who would you like to see go? I have a couple of thoughts on that... Emmit it's time to call it a night. Same for you Shaun King. Let's turn the discussion to getting a running game and better frontline offense. Not to mention a run defense.
Cards get curtain; changes are certain: "Coach Dennis Green has avoided talking about next season until this one is over, but he's an impatient man even when times are good. He made sweeping changes during the season - firing and hiring coaches, benching quarterbacks - so he's not likely to spend the off-season just playing his drums. McKinnon, in his ninth season, has been with the Cardinals longer than anyone else on the roster. He made the team in 1996 as an undrafted rookie from North Alabama and has started every game since 1998. But McKinnon's 31 now and plays only in run situations. He admits to being a little sentimental about it. 'Definitely, the Cardinals are the birthplace of Ronald McKinnon, huh?' he said with a smile. 'You would have never known about Ronald McKinnon without the Cardinals.' In the off-season, Green and his staff will evaluate players and schemes. Then Green and members of the front office, most notably Rod Graves, vice president of football operations, will decide which players they'll try to keep. Until that happens, many players are in the dark."

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