Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Art Benefit

I had to pass this along...
FYI for those in town: Visit the Phoenix Art Museum next week and your admission dollars will benefit those affected by the recent tsunami in Asia. – 100% of general admissions revenue for the week of January 11-16 will be donated to American Red Cross – Museum visitors can view art from Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India Phoenix Art Museum will donate all of its general admission revenue for the week of Tuesday, January 11, through Sunday, January 16, to the Red Cross to aid in the tsunami disaster relief efforts. There also will be a cash donation box for those visitors who wish to make additional contributions to the cause. The Museum is eager to help in this way out of honor and respect for its long established ties, collegial relationships and friendships in the stricken region that have made it possible for the Museum to develop a very well-respected and active Asian art department. Visitors to the Museum will have the opportunity to appreciate art objects in the Museum’s collection from several of the affected countries, including Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India. Examples of what people will see in the Museum’s Asian art galleries when they visit during the week include a large, 9th century stone sculpture of a seated Buddha from Indonesia; a group of 18th century bronze Buddhist sculptures from Sri Lanka; Indian bronze and carved sculptures of Hindu deities from the 11th, 12th and 18th centuries; and more. These works provide a stunning and emotional connection to the vast and intricate cultural histories of the areas so drastically affected by the tsunami’s destruction. Come help us help others. For more information about Phoenix Art Museum, visit the Web site or call (602) 257-1222 for 24-hour recorded information.
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