Friday, February 11, 2005

Watch for Disney to ban thier cruise ships from stopping on St. Martin...

As well as any other place that has nude sunbathing... You heard it here first!

Hey, blogsters --

Sorry I haven't posted lately, but I am with my family and Ridley's family aboard a Disney cruise ship, called "The Magical World of 500,000 Shrieking Children."There have been many highlights, the most dramatic being when somebody threw up in the Goofy pool. Really. When this happened, there were about 15,000 shrieking children in the Goofy pool, which is about the size of a ping-pong table, so it was very exciting.

Also, on the island of St. Martin, we and many other Disney cruisers experienced "European style" sunbathing, which involves random people getting extremely naked. Tragically, these were NOT people that anybody wanted to see naked. I think the people on the beach should be allowed to vote on who gets naked, and who does not.

That's all from the magical world of the sea. I hope judi is taking good care of all of you.

[Dave Barry's Blog]


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