Friday, February 11, 2005

This seems way too lenient!

These kids were treated worse than animals and she only gets 6 years? So I suppose that poor girl in Tucson's father will get something similar? We give harsher sentences for mistreating animals!
A Phoenix woman who along with her husband kept their 5-year-old twin boys locked in filthy makeshift cages was sentenced today to six years in prison. [ | news]
Here's a recent sentencing where a guy held some people at gunpoint and got 9 years...
Phoenix news briefs: Immigrant smuggler sentenced to 9 years PHOENIX - A federal judge in Phoenix on Tuesday sentenced a Mexican man to nine years in prison for holding undocumented immigrants at gunpoint in a Phoenix house.
So holding people at gunpoint for a few hours is more serious than locking kids in cages and starving them for months?

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