Friday, February 25, 2005

Some insight on India

If you're not familiar with the boy who scamed India about passing a NASA exam, you should probably read the whole thing. If you are familiar you should still read the whole thing.
Much has been said about the case of Saurabh Singh - an ingenious scammer and wannabe NASA scientist. While the whole episode has been hilarious in the way an entire nation, including politicians, reporters, editors and ordinary people fell for the scam, it also showed how India is so starved of real life heroes that a report about a possible child prodigy throws it into a frenzy of adulation and self-congratulation. (not to mention the opportunists who crawl out of the woodwork to claim credit and share some of the limelight) Even if Saurabh Singh had topped such an exam (had it not been fictitious), it would hardly be any reason for Indians to celebrate. There are plenty of young Indians with brilliant academic and business successes who get their share of recognition....
[Anil's Doublespeak]

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