Monday, February 28, 2005

Speaking of Social Security...

Funny how TIME magazine picks up a story that the Republic (and all other local media, save for ASU's State Press) did not:

At a town-hall gathering at the Madison #1 Middle School in Phoenix, Ariz., G.O.P. lawmaker John Shadegg faced a crowd of 280 people, 30% of whom by his estimate were there to voice angry opposition to tinkering with Social Security. "They rushed to the microphones," says Shadegg.

We knew about the town hall before it took place because Mr. L, my co-conspirator, subscribes to Republican email blasts. You didn't know about it beforehand because Shadegg's people didn't tell the media. Read between the lines -- they wanted supporters there, not doubters.

Still, the doubters came. Nice work.

[Arizona Congress Watch]

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