Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I hadn't thought about this, but

This could be another bumper year for West Nile in the Phoenix area. With all the rain we've had and with the forcaste for continued wet thru May it could be dramatic. I know that it's supposed to taper off in the second year, but consider this.

Last year the outbrakes were centralized in certain parts of the city. Certain parts of the city don't really have any mosquito's. My neighborhood is one example. I can't remember ever being bitten once in the 4 years I've lived here. I've been bitten at work and while visiting family out of town etc. but never here. That could change with all this water.

Something to think about...
A Scottsdale man who was paralyzed last year after contracting the West Nile virus and still uses crutches to walk complained Tuesday that neither doctors nor health officials were prepared to deal with the most severe cases of the mosquito-borne disease. [ | news]

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