Friday, February 25, 2005

WOW... I didn't believe this when I read it

Then I went to the companies web page. Here's a picture of the prototype.

It produced 50KW of output. Here's a link to an animation of how it works.

An Australian company, EnviroMission has developed the most amazing thing in my world. It is a solar tower. Basically, there is a large farm of PV cells surrounding a large hollow tower. The cells collect solar energy and also create great amounts of heat from the solar absorption. The hot air is then pointed out of the tower spinning turbine to create even more electricity. The company recently purchased the land and is working on getting investors to fund the project. If built, the tower/panels are expected to generate over 200MW, about enough for 200,000 households. The system will also save more than 900,000 tons of greenhouse gases from entering the enviroment!

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