Wednesday, February 23, 2005

"AZ-Gov: Nothing here. Move along"

ASU poll. 2/17-20. MoE 4.9% (No trend lines)
Napolitano (D-incumbent) 54
Hayworth (R) 28

Napolitano (D) 70
Symington (R) 14

Napolitano (D) 50
Romley (R) 25

Fife Symington is a former governor of Arizona. He was forced to resign after being convicted of felony bank and wire fraud in 1997.

It would be nice to go after J.D. Hayworth's congressional district as an open seat, but with numbers like these, Hayworth may decide to pass. [Daily Kos]

Slightly off center gives his take:
The latest polling data coming out of Arizona shows Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano with a healthy lead over the top three GOP contenders.

As I prefaced in the last poll released, it's still way to early to put any stock into it as of right now, the Arizona electorate still isn't paying any attention to it. But they will be in the not so distant future.

The Arizona Republic chose, curiously enough, to focus the story on how former Governor Fife Symington is doing against the sitting governor. To each his own I guess.

KOLD-TV has more on the poll results. [Slightly Off Center - Missiles from all over the Middle]

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