Sunday, February 13, 2005

Update from Fat Eye as the Grammeys approach

BTW,In-N-Out Burger is the bomb!

Today we got up, rented a car, drove all over the place and finally ended up having dinner with another blogger.

Yes folks, after a year of blogging I decided to meet and greet with one of my adoring fans.  Now don't get any grand ideas because I'm a very ultra top secret kind of person and don't do this sort of thing that often.  But since I have so many peeps out here, I figured why not say hey to one of my favs.

The girl had never been to L.A. before so she wanted to see it all.  Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, Hollywood -- the whole shabang.  Me, I only wanted to go to one place and one place only...

...In-N-Out Burger.  Oh baby, I may be from NYC but a Fat Dude knows where to get the good grub regardless of location.  And might I say, the grub -- oh, it was good.

The remainder of the day was spent complaining about how much traffic there is in L.A.  Shit man, cars here just don't move.  I mean, I knew L.A. was famous for its traffic but this was out of hand.  Every singe block, no matter how remote, had a ton of traffic.  Where the [f#@&] was everyone going?

So we did that.  Fun.  And it was time for me to meet up with this blogger.  I know you wanna know who it is right?  You're wondering, out of all the millions of fans the Fat Eye has, who in the world would he let meet him?

Well, we decided on this Korean BBQ place in Koreatown called Cho Sun Galbee.  Supposedly, this was the place.  And let me just say, the food -- [f#@&]ing fantastic.  I will have dreams about this place for years to come.

So I walk in, search around for this blogger and finally spot them.  Standing, in the corner, is this guy in a mango colored shirt.  Yes, it was none other then Mango himself.  The man.  The myth.  The, uh, legend.

So the girl and I had dinner with Mango and his fiance.  He gave me a copy of his shitty short stories and we laughed, cried, cursed and had a grand ol time.  It was fun. 

Tomorrow we go to the Grammys and I cannot wait.  The tickets for this thing are gigantic.  I've got my pimp daddy outfit.  The girl has this sexy dress.  We will be representing in style.

Maybe.  Hopefully.

That's if I don't get sucked back into that Korean place.

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