Sunday, February 13, 2005

I'll be keeping an eye on this...

Joe Gandelman has the inside scoop on a new webmagazine posted on Dean's World...

Last year there was a fascinating weblog that attracted people from all over the political spectrum. It was called Iron Blog. It's goal was to get people from all over the Internet -- and they did NOT have to have blogs -- to take an issue and debate it via posts..but do it in a way with a minimum of name-calling and demonization. They had to do it with something a bit more difficult: IDEAS.

How serious was Iron blog? QUITE. Its mysterious chairman aka Laremie Taylor had a long list of guidelines for debaters and judges to ensure that issue discussion was just that -- solid issue discussion. (The Queen of Evil and Dean Esmay, I believe, participated in some debates. And yours truly was involved as a judge in several debates, but none involving the Esmays).

Now Taylor is spearheading Blue And Red, a webmagazine with the same goal of helping spread ideas...lots of ideas...from people from all sides.

You can see look at the default home page here. The magazine officially debuts tomorrow.

[Dean's World]

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