Friday, February 11, 2005

This is hard to believe

Ok, a girl hasn't been seen at school in 3 years... RED FLAG

As she sat alone, trapped in a small, dark room, the 14-year-old girl tried to remember her multiplication tables.

She hadn't been to school for nearly three years.

Her father and his live-in girlfriend kept her locked in the room, a pink blanket covering the lone window.

Twice a day she was sent to the bathroom to eat a small meal and relieve herself.

Malnourished, physically and sexually abused and afraid her father would carry through with his threats to "come after" her and anyone she told of the abuse, the girl pulled up threads in the carpet, knowing she would get in trouble for it.

In a room nearby, two younger girls from the girlfriend's previous marriage shared a room with two beds, a closet full of clothes, a TV and toys. Neighbors knew nothing of the girl in the room at the quiet yellow house.

...Now 14, the girl told police that she can remember eight years of abuse.[Tucson Region]

Note that she remembers eight years of abuse, I don't remember much from before I was six how about you? Ignore the math I've italicized in this next bit (I think they meant to say 5 investigations in 10 years), and notice that in the 3 years she hasn't been to school no investigation was made.
The Tucson man police say physically and sexually abused his 14-year-old daughter was investigated by Child Protective Services at least five times in the past six years.

All five reports, one in 1995, one in 1998 and three in 2001, were unsubstantiated, CPS spokeswoman Liz Barker wrote in an e-mail Thursday. The last contact the agency had with the family was in June 2001, Barker wrote. [Tucson Region]

CPS let this girl down!

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