Friday, February 11, 2005

It's a sad day for American Theater, Arthur Miller is dead at 89

So long Arthur Miller... I wonder if he was Deep Throat?

...Once upon a time, I wrote a parody of "Death of a Salesman" called "Death of a Salesman's Neighbors." It was one act, and it involved the Merkelmans that lived next door to the Lomans. They constantly bitch about the flute-playing and Willy making a big noise next door in the garden. While Willy and his wife fight, the Merkelmans call the cops, call the hospital, and pretty much call everyone to try to get Willy taken away to a rest home instead of kvetching all through the night. Every now and then, another Loman comes by asking for sugar or salt or flour, and the Merkelmans give it to them, but call them mooches behind their backs. When Willy crashes his car, it's through the Merkelmans' front door, which gives a double-meaning to the title.

Now that Arthur Miller's dead, maybe I can finally get it published.

Off-Broadway for me, man!

125 minus 89 for age equals 36
Plus 30 for a solo shot to MKL
Equals 66.

Hrm... time to look back at earlier scores. Have I been giving out 30 or 25 for solos? It's 30 this year.

If you think you've earned a bonus prize through this latest casualty, feel free to claim it in the comments.

[The Dead Pool]

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