Friday, February 11, 2005

Maybe it will finally come out... Deep Throat is...

Maybe Pat Buchanan is sick. Who do you think it is?
Deep ThroatAfter 30-something years, the mystery of Deep Throat continues. Fred Felding, Mark Felt, Gerald Ford, and Henry Kissenger have all been suspected of being Deep Throat over the years. Today, the newest name is George W. H. Bush, but I consider him out of the question. He doesn't fit all 3 major clues reporter Bob Woodward gave in the movie "All the President's Men" or the new ground-breaking clue just reported a few days ago.

Though I don't truly know for sure, I would give my pick's chances around 70 percent or so. He matches all 4 clues perfectly. The remaining 30 percent I award to former President Gerald Ford, though he doesn't clearly match all criteria.

My pick for Deep Throat is current Chief Justice William Rehnquist. He matches all clues. He was a smoker. He lived in Washington during Watergate. He was in the executive branch as legal council to President Nixon and Assistant Attorney General. And, finally, he is gravely ill and expected to die soon. The latter is consistent with a recent report by John Dean that Bob Woodward has informed him that Deep Throat's death is eminent and his obituary has already been written. [The Proponent of Reason]

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