Friday, February 11, 2005

Mark your calendar, this should be an interesting show

THE CHARLIE ROSE SHOW, with me, Wonkette, Joe Trippi, and Andrew Sullivan, will air tonight. It's at 11:30 -12:30 in my area, but you'll need to check your schedule to be sure when it runs in yours. They say we'll be the second segment. Blurb here. It's one of the few places where you'll see my picture right next to Ted Kennedy's.

They also sent along this group picture,, though I don't believe that I'm the standout member of the photo cast.


UPDATE: Now it's showing Ossie Davis instead of us. Did we get bumped? Beats me. The email telling me it was tonight was just a few hours ago, but with TV who knows?

ANOTHER UPDATE: They just emailed and said it'll be next week, not tonight. Good -- I'm exhausted after the late night / early morning combo and all the travel. I'd rather stay up late some other time, especially as my daughter's school will make me wake up early tomorrow anyway. Schools, as one of my colleagues says, are an evil conspiracy of morning people.


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