Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I supose I should mention something...

I passed 5000 visitors sometime early this morning. In honor of that I thought I would put together some of what I think are my very best posts as well as some significant posts in my blogucation.
This was one of my first posts and the first one on which I did any real writing. I can't say it's my best work, but it got the ball rolling.
Here's the Junk I was talking about in the Title for this Blog

This is the first post I did that started bringing in traffic I think it may have had over 20 hits.
Britney 'stinks'

This is my first good headline I grabbed on it after learning from the previous post that famous names can bring in traffic:
Stephen King Scares the Hell out of Tucson

This was a defining moment for me; it was the first time I Jumped in on a conversation and really joined the community of bloggers. It's a good thing I was so new at the time, I don't know what I would have done if Dean had responded to my post... Yea, I went up against Dean's World in my first confrontation!
The Blogosphere has a raging discussion on Intelligent Design

This was my first decent piece of writing. It was also my first autobiographical story. It was touching because I received email from a relative of someone I mentioned in the piece.
The Most Freighting Thing I Remember

This was one of my first trackbacks, it was also the first time I broke 100 page views and surprisingly it continues to draw readers. It was also the first time a major blog linked me (Dean's world again). The Power Of Symbols

I could never understand why this post didn't get more hits.
Asteroid May Hit Earth On Friday, April 13, 2029
Originally observed at Kitt Peak, near Tucson, Arizona, the Asteriod should have better odds then stated since it would hit on Friday the 13th. [Isn't that how things like this work... we're all doomed!]
This post set another milestone for me, Joe Gandelman at The Moderate Voice linked to it and my blog really started to take off from here.
What is one hundred thousand?

I'll conclude this jaunt down memory lane with a similar piece. Thoughts on my first month in the blogosphere

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