Monday, December 06, 2004

Here's the Junk I was talking about in the Title for this Blog

This is the ultimate in cool stuff. I am giddy just thinking about the possibilities. As I sit here working on the computer, behind me is a television playing “Monday Night Football” connected to a VCR, Receiver, DVD, and Tape Deck etc. My computer is a collection of keyboard, mouse, monitor all wired together. Here’s the cool part- imagine a single box somewhere in the house. I have a screen on the wall, a keyboard in hand, and speakers placed around the room. Better yet, I’m at my desk or a table outside and I have a silicone mat in front of me, it’s got letters printed on it like a keyboard. I’m wearing a pair of glasses with little speakers and a screen in the lenses. My screen divided into the football game and the document I’m typing now. I can hear and see the game, but there are no wires. The TV, audio equipment, computer, everything is integrated into a processing unit, transmitters (input devices), and receivers (output devices). I have an input device in the form of the mat and an output device in the glasses.

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