Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Not at finish line yet

Not at finish line yet | www.azstarnet.com �: "Kenny Cormier does not need people to tell him he has made it big in Douglas. He hears the honks from local drivers as he runs through the town, overhears his father's co-workers praising him, and feels the support of a town that has rallied behind the area's best distance runner. Ever since winning the Foot Locker Cross Country National Championships - perhaps the best measuring stick for young distance runners - earlier this month, Cormier has been soaking up the accolades, even if he is a bit uncomfortable in the spotlight. 'It's nice to have that kind of recognition, and the community has been very supportive,' Cormier said. 'I don't think you do any sport for the spotlight or attention. It's just about what you enjoy doing.'"

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