Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Gruesome Murder Wave Shakes Mexico's Cancun

Yahoo! News - Gruesome Murder Wave Shakes Mexico's Cancun: "MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Not far from the luxury hotels, bars and Caribbean beaches, a wave of grisly murders has hit the Mexican holiday resort of Cancun, with 13 dead bodies discovered in less than two months. Prosecutors said on Tuesday the latest victim surfaced on the weekend when a construction worker stumbled on the body of a local man bound hand and foot and apparently suffocated in wasteland near a main highway. A local justice official said it was unclear if there was a connection with a dozen other murder victims found in recent weeks -- five that had been tied up and shot in the head, four whose charred bodies were found in the burned remains of a car, and three that had been tied up and suffocated. Those killings have been linked by police to drug trafficking."

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