Monday, December 20, 2004

Border Patrol arrests in Yuma sector triple

Courts and Police: "U.S. Border Patrol authorities on Friday said the number of apprehensions at their Yuma sector in the last 115 days have tripled compared to last year during the same time frame. Border Patrol agents arrested 20,589 criminals and illegal immigrants in the Yuma sector between October and mid-December of this year, up from 7,510 during the same time last year, said Joe Brigman, Border Patrol spokesman. Brigman attributed the increase in arrests to the Border Patrol's use of more manpower, additional technology and use of different types of enforcement actions." Border Patrol agents also seized $2.7 million worth of marijuana in the past 115 days, a total of 3,403 pounds, he said. "Brigman said 'numerous individuals from countries other than Mexico' were apprehended as well. Brigman declined to say from which other countries those individuals originated."

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