Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Around Arizona... what other Arizona Bloggers are Blogging Today.

American Dinosaur [These stories have been cracking me up since the first one I found.] Captive U.S. Soldier Doll Rescued by Bush Doll BBlog [Apparently Bill Gates doesn't like seeing Apple products all over his campus.] Apple's iPod is prevalent on Microsoft's campuses Burning in the Desert [With nothing coming out quite a bit gets said here] I have a bunch of topics I want to write about but nothing comes Coyote Blog [This caught my eye, I have 23, 61 percent respectively but what surprised me was 8% for Konqueror...] This is my browser mix Firefox Share at 19%, IE down to 65% Downtown Chick Chat [She has found another Arizona chick blog...] She's here in Scottsdale, Arizona. Makes me want to grab pots and pans, bang them as I run... ParrotHead Ramblings [This is just too funny.] some fun-loving guy flew a private plane over the Cave Creek area ...and lobbed full sacks of flour out the windows Jackalope Persuivant [No link just 10 days left.] Random Rogers Big Picture [Fed Open Market Comittee meets today...] Well, here's my two cents on the FOMC news due later today. Ravings of a Mad Tech [New Terrorist group... great another one!] new group supposed to far more hateful the Al Qaeda. Snozzberries??? Who ever heard of a snozzberry? [Picture speaks for itself.] Plastics make it possible

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