Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Tempe condos to rise where Club Rio ruled

It's the end of an era for ASU alumni and Phoenix residents: Tempe condos to rise where Club Rio ruled: "'If you came of age in Arizona, you set foot in that building at some point in your life,' said Bob Stockmar, former Club Rio general manager. 'I'm really sad to see it go.' Club Rio opened in 1981 as the Devil House and quickly became popular for its variety of music, which lately encompassed everything from alternative and techno to salsa and hip-hop. There were special teen nights, foam parties that covered the dance floor with bubbles and scantily clad partiers, and live concerts. Erykah Badu, Eminem, the Roots, Green Day and Bad Religion all graced the club's stage at one time or another. 'It was truly an amazing place,' Stockmar said."

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