Monday, February 14, 2005

You couldn't pay me to work here!

Didn't this just happen a month or so ago?
At least 203 miners are killed, 22 hurt and 13 trapped in a gas blast at a coal mine, Chinese state media says. [BBC News | World | UK Edition]
Yes it did. From a side bar with the article:
  • 3 June: Mine blast in Hebei province initially reported to kill one. Chinese media now say 14 died and 16 officials are being prosecuted for a cover-up
  • 20 Oct: Gas explosion at Daping mine in Henan province kills 148 - believed the deadliest accident in four years
  • 12 Nov: Gas blast at Xinsheng mine in Henan province leaves 29 dead
  • 20 Nov: Fire breaks out at iron ore mine in Hebei province, killing 68
  • 28 Nov: Gas blast at Chenjiashan mine in Shaanxi province kills 166 - the worst disaster for 10 years [until today]
  • 2 Dec: Explosion at mine in Guizhou province kills 16
  • 19 Dec: Mine blast in Sichuan province claims 14 lives

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