Thursday, February 17, 2005

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A big complaint a lot of conservatives have, including myself, is the lack of security along the Mexican border. Those of us who live in a border state know what a big problem it is. We don't know who's coming across or how many. And now officials are telling Congress that Al Qaeda is considering coming to the United States through Mexico. Intelligence that "strongly suggests" that Al Qaeda
[The Desert Tusk]
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From the Willcox Range News:

In the president's budget, he hopes to eliminate the $300 million given to states for incarcerating illegal immigrants who commit crimes.

The cost would be passed on to the states and local communities.


U.S. Rep. Jim Kolbe, R-Ariz., is making a proposal to increase SCAAP funding - $750 million for the next federal fiscal year, $850 million the year after that and $950 million for each of the following four years.

Kolbe's proposal deserves review, not because it would increase funding, but because it is trying to have the federal government be responsible for a greater portion of the costs associated with incarcerating illegal immigrants.

Kolbe's got Grijalva, Pastor, Flake and Shadegg behind this. I hope it passes. I also hope that Arizonans who voted for Bush see that our President considers crime by illegal immigrants to be Arizona's problem, not America's.

[Arizona Congress Watch]

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