Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Who was George Olin?

Born in Luverne, Minnesota, in 1907, Died Jan. 19 in Scottsdale at age 97
Up Close A Lifetime Observing and Photographing Desert Animals George Olin has gained a wide reputation as a keen observer of nature. In books such as Mammals of the Southwestern Deserts and House in the Sun, his writing and photography have enchanted those who want to know more about the desert and its animals—even people who already live there. In this charming memoir, Olin combines personal and natural history to recount his long fascination with animals. In addition to painting a vivid picture of his nomadic life, he describes the ingenious methods he devised to observe desert creatures and build their trust—and the lessons they taught him in return.
"He looked like Errol Flynn," his sister recalled, "and I never saw him without a mustache, from a little cookie duster to a big one that was waxed on the end."
Naturalist lives on in works he left behind George Olin, a naturalist, photographer and author who devoted his life to the Sonoran Desert, died at age 97. But his books and pictures remain a living memorial.

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