Sunday, February 13, 2005

This struck a nerve

I love this show... but I hate when it's on!

i keep reading about UPN's show, Veronica Mars - but i've yet to see it. i am going to see if the dvr has space to record it, although between all of the gilmore girls, monk episodes, will and grace, everyday italian and every home improvement show on the networks, i'm having to be pretty picky about adding new things - we've become quite pros at time-shifting and watching an hour long show in twenty minutes or less, though. how DID we watch television before?

jr. and i have to go out in the rain today and find a semi-formal gown for her to wear to an upcoming dance. i have enlisted the help of my fashion diva friend to accompany us - and we're headed to the galleria to see if we can find something that's "not too girly, not too prissy and not too revealing." all of this on a tight budget, and with a girl that's stuck somewhere in the middle of the 'tween' section and the petite department.


I love the show too... I just hate the time slot it's in! Tuesday between 8 and 9 Mountain time. At the same time you can also watch Nova on PBS, House (another awesome show) on Fox, Scrubs and Committed (another awesome show)on NBC, and According to Jim and Rodney on ABC. These are all really good shows! Luckily I can record Nova later in the evening but that still leaves 4 choices and I can only record one and watch one... Then at 9 I only like Law and Order SVU. Maybe I should do a post on how I would schedule TV for a week...

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