Monday, February 21, 2005

Sounds like fun!

Ahh, nothing like the smell of fresh hay on your breath.

Mrs. Crime Dog and I made it out to "Cavalia" over the weekend, thanks to our wonderful friend, Sharon, who scored some free ducats and was in a sharing kinda mood. I haven't seen that many people sit in slack-jawed amazement since that giant inflated shark flew out from backstage at the last Buffett concert in Vegas. At one point, they had these amazing stallions hauling-ass up and down the front of the stage area, while riders perched precariously from them with no apparent concern for gravity. At the same time, acrobats were flying from the ceiling on bungee cords, and other horses and riders were leaping over giant hurdles in the back. They were serving alcohol (mostly that pinky-stuck-out purple stuff so prevalent up there in "North Snottsdale"), but trust me, you get dizzy enough just watching this high-speed four-legged exravaganza that you don't need liquor. I can't recommend it highly enough, but be warned: You gotta dig deep into your pockets to get through the tent-flaps up there. That is, unless you have a Sharon of your own.

P.S. I was getting hammered over there at American Parrothead in Canada, so I bowed out. There's just not enough trips around the sun left for me to use them up arguing with people I've never even met. At any rate, I've removed the sidebar link, but encourage you go on over there, read the blog (2/20/05) and the comments, and decide for yourself. They obviously feel very strongly about the topic over there, so more power to 'em, and I wish them only the best! [Parrothead Ramblings]

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