Thursday, February 03, 2005

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A Small Victory [Watch out for this woman...] Today marks three weeks since I quit smoking. ...I will still tear you apart with my bare hands if you come near me... Crystal Clear [Now LA has a boil water order... I don't think it's terrorism, but it's funny that we're not the only ones to have to deal with it!] Paranoid...Ohhhhh PUHLease Dean's World [This looks like a good idea.] Skeptical Roundup The Education Wonks [It's about time!] Diploma Mills Beware: The United States Department Of Education Has Your Number HAVE YOU SEEN MY SHOE? [Go Getem Citygurl!] I can totally kick george forman's ass. In a couple more years. Instapundit [This is something I've been thinking about too... how do you handle it?] ...there's a tension between blogging and doing longer, more thoughtful work. Pure Land Mountain [Can't miss with a monkey story!] MONKEY AGITPROP Res Publica 2005 [The only problem here is that the same pace of research would be happening with embryonic stem cells if the government would fund that research.] More Interesting news about stem cell research Why Television Sucks [Who should star in a new sitcom based in the Midwest?] Camryn Manheim, Yay or Nay?

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