Friday, February 04, 2005

Posts from Blogs I'm reading...

Chocolate & Zucchini [A piece on a favorite apple... I love apples!] La Pomme et le Clochard Crooked Timber [More on SS reform.] It's almost like there's a pattern or something. Dean's World [A nice piece on breaking through.] A Blogger's Contemplation HAVE YOU SEEN MY SHOE? [A nice piece on culture and laziness] Well if it's big in Japan it MUST be cool. Heatheranne [This is eye-opening...] Are The Schools Teaching Tolerance? Iraq Blog Count [This is a disturbing story of a soldier and his blog.] All I did was include more details... ~ Jason Monty's Bluff [A discussion of Seattle stocks that were hit hard in the market yesterday.] Yesterday was a tough day for the Seattle scene. Neil's World [Could enforcement of policy by VeriSign stop spyware?] As Ed Bott mentions, around 95% of digital certificates are issued by VeriSign, and to use the certificates for spyware-related activity is against their terms of usage. The Dead Pool [Nice photo of the day... I almost fell out of my chair laughing!] Photo of the Day The Moderat Voice [This has me a little bummed, but face it they always end up in a really tough timeslot and you can only watch so many programs (even with Tevo).] The Voyage Is Over The Proponent of Reason [Another SS reform article.] The Private Account Bait and Switch

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