Friday, February 11, 2005

J-Walk brought up a subject that I've had a solution to for years...

I just need to find someone to make it for me...

From Daily Dose of Excel: Mouse Habits.

I've been complaining privately about my mouse lately. I think I could be more efficient if I didn't have to ever use my mouse, but there seems to be some tasks that are just impossible with keyboard-only. And others that are very cumbersome. I looked at some alternatives, but was unimpressed.

Dick goes on to provide a detailed list:

Here's a list of every time I used my mouse from 4:00PM to 4:00PM and why I felt I had to leave the keyboard.

Amazingly, the list contains only 26 items!

Now, I'm a big keyboard fan, but in a 24-hour period I think that I use my mouse at least 1,000 times. And no, I don't plan to count them.

[J-Walk Blog]

I've always thought that a keyboard that included the ThinkPad style eraser knob and mouse buttons would be the ultimate solution. But I have to be honest I would still want my MarbleMan connected too.

How do you get someone to make a custom keyboard?

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