Monday, February 07, 2005

I'm back... had a good weekend!

I'm a little disappointed... I missed the funeral I was going to due to traffic near the Renaissance Festival and a new bridge over US 60 at Val Vista. I did manage to make the grave side service and also found I wasn't the only one held up by the traffic. On the way I went by the Ray Copper Mine and all I can say is Wow! When you see a hole that big with entire mountains of moved earth I have to wonder why nobody compares mines like that to the Pyramids in Egypt? Anyway, good game for the Super Bowl... I just wish the Eagles had been better in their clock management... They would have had a much better chance. Like just about everyone my favorite commercial was the Bud Light parachute commercial. Most of the rest of them sucked... I really wasn't impressed by local either... Seemed kind of stupid if you ask me. There you have it. I'll have more later as I get caught up on everything.

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