Monday, February 14, 2005

I told you I'd have more about Statehood Day...

This is from Josh at Slightly Off Center...
In the state of Arizona, February 14th always has a slightly extra meaning, beyond the Chocolate hearts and flowers.

Back in 1912, Congress approved Arizona's petition to become the 48th state, the last of the lower 48 to go from territory status to Statehood.

Back in those days, the entire state had a population that was less than the current population of the suburb of Gilbert.

A long way to come in just short of 100 years.

KOLD-TV in Tucson and the Tucson Citizen have noted the date in this morning's editions, including how Tucson residents in 1912 worked their hardest to get direct democracy provisions installed in the Arizona State Constitution. [Slightly Off Center - Missiles from all over the Middle]

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