Sunday, February 13, 2005

I hate it when this happens

Actually the last time I did this, I actually made it to work on time (4 minutes driving time, and I lucked out with a close parking space- I was less than 8 minutes late which didn't count as late unless it happened all the time).
I should be sleeping but instead - I figured I would post something

I freaking overslept this morning - that has to be one of the worst feelings in the world, waking up 10 mins before you have to be a work, leaping out of bed in a sheer panic, trying to figure out what to do first. Shower, call in, smoke or go to the bathroom...

The worst part is I set the stupid alarm correct, it indicated that it was on and ready to wake me up out of my restful slumber. I dont know if it never went off or if I got up and turned it off.

So instead of waking up to the screeching of the alarm, I woke up to Jasper meowing and meowing. I forgot to feed them before I went to bed.

I ended up only being 30 minutes late for work - I am a wash and go kinda gal.
And to think I was just telling someone that morning that I havent overselpt in the longest time.....
[Burning in the Desert]

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