Thursday, February 10, 2005

Here's another good one!

It's a hoot watching people in cars on the way home from work (nothing's a hoot on the way TO work, wonder why...).

I love people with the radio on singing their little hearts out. Some of em put body and soul into it, bouncing and making faces. Interesting to watch when you can't hear the music, looks like epilepsy reigns .

Then there are the diggers, the ones who forget that glass is transparent and go on a mining expedition in their noses.

I love watching people in cars talking to each other, hands flaying like getting an idea across with just their mouth is impossible. Italian? Jewish? I don't know. But they'd be naturals for sign language.

A few piss me off, too. Women who use the rearview to put on their makeup are one, either they do it while they drive, which will one day mess up their pretty little faces, or at a red light, which when they sit there on green with the mascara flowing will one day mess up their pretty little bumpers.

The ultimate, though, are the ones with cellphones. Don't mind the ones plugged into their ears, but the ones driving one handed with 10 percent of their concentration on the road should be able to be drawn, quartered, and barbecued. Martha's grandmothers liposuction MUST be real important and not able to wait 10 minutes till the cars in the garage. Or that business call for the big deal, yeah that should be taken care of on the corner of Baseline and Dobson road, best place to conduct a conference call.

There should be a Moron lane for these jerks, so they can do the demolition derby thing while leaving us out of it.

Being a good driver nowdays means cowering in a parking lot in fear of all the....others. Or in a bar, better place, then walk home. Yeah! That's the ticket!
[I just don't get it]

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