Wednesday, February 16, 2005

He forgot 'The Gates' in Central Park

I laughed at this anyway!
Gannongate / Guckertgate*, Rathergate* or Easongate*? There are so god damn many gates, I feel like I am in an airport every time I listen to the news.

Really, when did everything become a gate? I really am curious. Are bloggers behind this? Are we just looking for a story? Or am I growing cynical in my old age?

Gannongate - So the whitehouse gives press credentials to a man, using a fake name, with no journalistic experience, why does this surprise anyone?

Rathergate - Dan Rather has been washed out worthless for years, really who gives a [f#@&]?

Easongate - People say stupid shit all the time. Newsfuckingflash.
[LIFE... or something like it]

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