Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Have we been under paying for years?

Anyone have any insight into where the money goes when it comes to water? Are studies done to anticipate growth and infrastructure renewal costs?
The Arizona Daily Star - Americans better get ready to pay more for water, as utilities face staggering bills to replace aging infrastructure and struggle to serve growing populations with scarce supplies.
If they are and were looking at a drastic increases then the models need to be updated. Personally I'd rather pay a little more over time than be blindsided by a large increase.
Nationwide, utilities need to spend $300 billion over the next 30 years to upgrade water and sewage systems, she said. That's expected to lead to 5 percent to 16 percent increases in monthly bills. [Yahoo! News: Reader Ratings]
Let's raise it 5% now, we'll argue about how much higher it may need to go later.

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