Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Fat Eye give a round up of his trip to the Grammys

I'm still jealous, but not as much because I now know that we have the best pizza!

I could probably sum up my entire trip with the following short story/experience.

So we rent this car on Saturday to drive around and see L.A.  Turns out the place we rented it from was closed Sunday so we got to keep the car an extra day for free.  Cool.  Now I have something to take to and from the Grammys since the radio station did not provide a car.

We go to leave the hotel all decked out in our Grammy wear and, in the parking lot, there are limos everywhere.  People in suits, dresses, hummers, BMWs, Jags, the place is hoppin.  I give the valet guy my ticket and we patiently wait for our car to arrive.  Then, amidst all of this, I hear the following sentence yelled in my direction;

"Sir, your Camri is over here.  Yes, the Camri you rented is in the street so you may as well come over here and get it."

All eyes are then fixed on me and my rented Camri.  The girl and I quietly side step around the gigantic limo in front of us, past three Mercedes' and into the street to meet our luxurious Camri.

It was out of place.  It didn't belong.

This is how I felt the entire time I was out in L.A.  Sure, I won a cool contest and I got to mingle with cool people, but in the end, I was nowhere near being cool.  I was a schmuck from New York City trying to fit in.

I don't wear sunglasses indoors.  I don't talk on my cell phone for nine hours a day.  I don't have a Blackberry.  I'm not trendy.  I don't know what that word means.  I don't drive a BMW, in fact, I don't even own a car.

So we went to the Grammys and if you watched it on TV, then it was the same thing but live.  Oh, and instead of commercials we just had this awkward couple of minutes to sit around and look at the people next to us.

But I'm back baby.  In my hometown with my people.  Now I get to go back to writing witty posts because, honestly, these last couple of posts have been shit.  L.A. stripped me of my humor.

Sorry about that.

I'm back now.


[Fat Eye For The Skinny Guy]

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